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Bye-Bye Dari Lensa CM

Just to inform that I will no longer blog here. There are times when I want to blog about something not related to photography and I find that it's not proper to blog here. Therefore I decided to quit this blog and create a new one which I can blog about anything rather than photography alone. However, I shall not remove but keeping this as an archieve instead.

You can find me in this new blog.

My Food(o)graphy - Assignment#2

My Food(o)graphy - Assignment#1

Project - Golden and Brown

I have been waiting for so long to transform one of my classic camera into something different. Actually I have two units of Olympus Pen EE3 which I have been thinking to change the look on one of it. And finally after much deliberation, I managed to transform its original look from this...

and TA-DA.. into this! Do you agree that it look magnificent and cute? It took me one whole day from disassembling the parts, paint the bottom and top panel with Gold paint and replace the black into brown leatherette and finally reassemble everything back into one piece. I feel aching all over my body but it's really great and worth the effort.

Twin brothers, one with new skin and the other with its original.

Quick Update - Total Collections Todate

I have been very busy with works lately therefore I don't have time to snap individual photo of my newly acquired collection and update them with some details reference here. However, as a quick update, I list here all the previous items plus those recently acquired at the time I wrote this. Once I am not too busy, I shall update those new ones with detailed photos and information. After all, I am expecting 4 more to arrive in the next couple of weeks, so let's just wait for them as well.

Collections in Glass Cabinet

Level 1 - Canon AV-1, Arrow Vintage Spy Mini, Canon Canonet 28, Canon AE-1

Level 2 - Minetta Vintage Spy Mini, Bell & Howell/Canon Canonet 19, Canon Canonet 28 (1st Version), Bencini Comet S

Level 3 - Balda Baldinette, Rolleicord, Kiev88, Halina 35X Super, Certotix 6x9 Folding

Level 4 - Halina 35X Super, Agfa Super Silette L, Halina 35X, Kodak Retinette 1A, Bencini Comet II

Collections in Wood Cabinet

Level 1 - Olympus Pen EE3, Nikon FG, Asahi Pentax, Minolta SRT100X

Level 2 - Halina Paulette Electric, Nikon EM, Zenit TTL, Minolta Hi-Matic F, Yashica Minister III, Yashica FX3

Level 3 - Konica EE-Matic, Samoca LE-II, Halina Simplette, Agfa ISO-Rapid C, Olympus Pen EE3

Level 4 - My earliest collection, the Canon EOS 5 and Canon EOS 50

Apart from the cameras, I have also acquired quite a numbers of camera accessories like flashes, light meters and self-timers. And of course all of them are vintage as well.

The last two pictures below are the latest gems in my collection. Both are the Vintage Spy Mini Camera. You can see how tiny and cute they are when placed next to next to a normal size camera. Next to the camera you can also see the tiny little green thingy. That's the film the camera used actually. Soooo tiny and cute little thing right? I was so fortunate that I got 6 of them as it came together as a lot when I bought the Minetta. Those films are no longer available anywhere. So, of course I am not going to 'waste' them but only for display.

Arrow Vintage Spy Mini.

Minetta Vintage Spy Mini


My Vintage Collections

1 - Canon EOS 50
2 - Canon EOS 5
3 - Canon AV-1
4 - Canon AE-1
5 - Canon Canonet 28
6 - Rolleicord
7 - Kiev 88
8 - Zenit TTL
9 - Olympus Pen EE-3 (2 units)
10 - Nikon EM
11 - Agfa Super Silette-L
12 - Halina Paulette
13 - Rollei 35 LED
14 - Kodak Retinette 1A
15 - Agfa Isoflash - Rapid C
16 - Balda Baldinette
17 - Certotix 6x9 Folding
18 - Nikon FG
19 - Minolta SRT 100X
20 - Asahi Pentax
21 - Yashica FX-3
22 - Minolta Hi-Matic F
23 - Samoca LE-11
24 - Canon Canonet (1st Version)
25 - Konica EE-Matic
26 - Halina Simplette
27 - Bencini Comet S
28 - Halina 35X (2 units)
29 - Yashica Minister III
30 - Halina 35X Super (2 units)
31 - Bell & Howell/Canonet 19
32 - Bencini Comet II
33 - Arrow Mini Spy
34 - Minetta Mini Spy
35 - Rollei 35B
36 - Practica Super TL
37 - Olympus OM10
38 - Halina 3000
39 - Rival 35

1 - Gossen Super Pilot Light Meter
2 - Agfa Lucimeter S - Camera Lightmeter
3 - Canon Canolite D Flash Strobe 35mm
4 - Rollei E15 Auto Flash Head Unit 35mm
5 - Agfa "Agfalux" Bakelite Photo Flash 35mm
6 - Hunter Standard II Electronic Flash Unit
7 - Canon Flash Unit J-2
8 - Duo Luse Folding Flash Gun
9 - Starblitz 160A Flash Gun
10 - Agfa ISI-Blitz Flash Unit (2 units)
11 - Canon Flash Unit J-3 (2 units)
12 - Gossen Sixtomat Exposure Meter
13 - Gossen Sixon Exposure Meter
14 - Etalon Automat-A Exposure Meter
15 - 3 units of Vintage Camera Self-Timer
16 - Kobold Z1 Flash Unit
17 - Watameter Rangefinder
18 - Hanimex PR-55 Exposure Meter

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